Neighbor Lights

Making over dark and unfriendly sidewalks, with help from its residents.

Old Goucher Lights

PROBLEM: How can a neighborhood feel more welcoming and safe?

Magnetic handles connect to each other or link multiple lights

Made from readily available materials and a simple tutorial

Lightweight, collapsible, and off-the-grid

Designed specifically for its namesake Baltimore neighborhood, Neighbor Lights can be easily made by community members with readily available materials, an online tutorial and off-the-grid electricity.


As a grouping, the lights provide placemaking for a neighborhood, create a friendly atmosphere and bring attention to the issue of a lack of sidewalk lighting in the neighborhood. Drape them on structures in public places — on a gate, on a street sign, in trees. When used individually, they provide portable light, visibility and safety. (2016)


Feeling isolated or vulnerable on the street? Just take a light with you. They're affordable to replace and designed for portability.